Diajukan Kepada Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya Guna
Memenuhi Salah Satu Syarat Memperoleh Gelar Magister Dalam Bidang

Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam


This research focuses on PT Ojek Syari’s Women’s Social Construction on gender
and Islamic da’wah. The objective to be achieved is to find out the women of PT
Ojek Syari in constructing Gender and Da’wah.
This study uses a qualitative approach with in-depth interview data collection
techniques, observation and informant documentation. The research was chosen
based on snowballing and purposive sampling techniques. The collected data were
analyzed with the theory of Peter L. Berger’s social construction using identification
processes of externalization, objectivation and internalization.
The conclusion of this study is Gender was constructed as a forum for success
women. Women at PT Ojek Syari do not differentiate the concept of gender in
social, cultural and religious perspectives. The roles and tasks of men and women
can be exchanged as a result of PT Ojek Syari’s social construction of Women.
Da’wah is constructed by Women at PT Ojek Syari as an activity to invite goodness
which is realized by providing jobs that aim for women to have a high motivation
of life, to be independent, to establish relationships with fellow Muslims in the
organization and Syari Academy was formed in the organization with the aim of
inviting women to have broad insight about religion and more creativity in creating.
For further researchers, it is expected to be able to explore and understand in
advance the social construction . Because social construction is the result of human
creative work in creating social reality and the process of social construction can be
used as input and additional courses in the study program of communication and
broadcasting Islam.

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